Anonymous asked:

Whats wrong with eating meat? What about animals who eat meat? Its the circle of life man. Animals eat animals and the earth feeds off the remains to grow plants and veggitation for animals to eat and then the cycle repeats itself. Its life babes...

eartheld answered:

Humans r not the same as a lion in the wild and u r so ridiculousl I’m dying rn

-a bear eats a fish out of the river. A snake captures prey. A lion chases a gazelle.

-we as a species grow our animals inside labs we call “farms”. We scientifically enhance our meat. We shove chemicals and shit down animals throats. We artificially inseminate, aka RAPE, animals to breed for our food. We squeeze these beings into cages and crates. We stuff them so tight together they resort to cannibalism, disease, and injury. Once the creature is slaughtered (not by our own hand mind you- a machine does the work for us) the meat is harvested with oh! More machines.

comparing the meat industry to animals in the wild is idiotic.